We provide counseling services to adults, adolescents, children, and families with a variety of presenting challenges and wellness goals. Our therapeutic approach to counseling and wellness is holistic and eclectic, drawing from multiple perspectives which aim to assist, navigate, and transcend challenges, enhance the mind-body-spirit connection, encourage personal growth, and improve overall quality of life.  We value a strength-based approach to counseling that values collaboration and respect. Our intention is to provide a supportive, compassionate environment that promotes healing, learning, and growth.   

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Nutritional Education & Support



Nutrition is an important pillar to mental health and overall wellness. We support clients by helping identify nutritional deficiencies and provide education and resources aimed to assist with symptom reduction and mind-body wellness.    

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Energy Healing


We offer Reiki Healing Sessions and Flower Essences as part of our energy healing services. Workshops and groups on these topics are offered as well.

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