We are twin sisters, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, and co-founders of Counseling & Holistic Wellness. We hold a deep respect for the human condition and its amazing capacity to heal. Our counseling and healing services incorporate multiple perspectives which aim to enhance the mind-body-spirit connection, encourage personal growth, and assist, navigate, and transcend challenges. We value respectful, collaborative, and strength-based approaches and offer a supportive, compassionate environment to educate and assist others along their journey to healing and self-discovery. It is also our intention and mission to support and contribute to initiatives that educate and promote health and wellness among individuals, families, and the community.


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May 2020: We are dreaming up something awesome and can't wait to share it with our community! Opportunities to connect, learn, grow, and heal will be available soon. We invite you to circle back to us in June!

Counseling & Holistic Wellness

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Disclaimer: We do not dispense medical or legal advice, treatment, or diagnoses through email, information provided or retrieved from our social media/website, or through any/all resources we offer. Information shared and/or obtained is in no way substitute for medical advisement. Please consult with your physician.